Thank you so much for all your kindness and going above and beyond to make my husband's interment go smoothly and transporting the flowers to the church. Thank you for dealing with *** at the cemetery - I'm sorry she had such a bad day when making the arrangements there and giving the incorrect information for the death certificate. It caused a lot of inconvenience. Thank you and the staff at Bakersfield Funeral Home for the kind and dignified way you picked up my husband from our home. Thank you and David for all your care and compassion to me. God bless all of you. I miss him so terribly.

Submitted by: Edith L.

I called this Funeral Home not having ever planned a funeral or even expecting one. I knew nothing about processes, requirements or even what to ask. Bakersfield Funeral Home helped me from not knowing what to even do, to making certain that all I needed from them was taken care of, long after my fathers services were completed. If you want fair and prompt service, look no further. You will be treated with dignity and respect here and I would recommend this establishment to anyone looking. You will be treated as though you are a member of their family. In addition, financially this establishment was clear as new glass. There were no hidden fees.

Submitted by: Brett R.

Dear Mrs. Oropeza
Thank you seems like such a small word when someone has done their very best to help you. On August 11, my my brother was killed in an automobile accident. It was so unexpected. You can imagine the confusion I felt. You see, he was younger then me and the last thing I ever expected was to make his final arrangements. After contacting two other funeral homes I came across you. I asked you what you could do for me and you saw that it was done. Not only did you complete his arrangements but arranged to pick up his personal items and send them along to me. I can't tell you how you made this time easier for my family and me. You showed compassion and understanding to me when I needed it the most and for that I am truly grateful. Death is an enemy to all of us. From the moment we are born we start down the path that will eventually lead us to it. In addition to all the kindnesses shown to me at this time, a strong faith in the resurrection hope will help me through. John 5:28 promises us that soon those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice, and come back to life. I draw comfort knowing soon I will receive a tap on my shoulder and my brother will be standing there. Then all the sadness I feel today will be replaced with joy. Thank you again for that you have done for me. Every day you work to help ones who like myself have lost ones in death. You showed me that you understood how I felt and tried to do all that you could to make it easier for me. I will remember those kindnesses

Submitted by: Teri P.

Maria- everything was wonderful. It was truly the most special experience I've ever had. The freedom riders were so great. The marines were waiting for us when we arrived. There was the firing squad and the folding of the flag and it was just perfect. Thank you for coordinating and I will send you photos shortly.

You're an angel on earth!!! I can't thank you enough.

Submitted by: Megan S.

This is a sincere thank you to the McFarland Family Funeral Home and all of the administration in recognition of Simon Lee, Gustavo Orozco and Maria Oropeza. Please accept out apologies for the delay in creating this and forgive us. Two sisters flew in to Burbank, CA in November, late Monday night from Texas, then drove to Bakersfield to be with their brother to represent the family during his last hours. There are seven siblings and Joshua was the only brother and the second oldest. Upon arriving at the hospital extremely late, they were tired but yet concerned and worried about him. being in shock of seeing him in the condition which he was in prior to his passing was a traumatic experience. After not going to the hotel but staying at the hospital all night into the late morning, they both left to get breakfast and then planned to take care of some of his affairs. During their breakfast, they decided to call a list of funeral homes which another sister researched and gave them (one being, McFarland Family Funeral Home.) Let us tell you why they chose McFarland Family Funeral Home. On their initial call and all other subsequent ones prior to losing him, they dealt firsthand with Maria. She was amazing to say the least! She understood the urgency in their voices as it was explained to her. She assured them that they would take care of everything and for them not to worry. Wow, did she mean what she said! Everything was very well taken care. She listened with great concern, wasn't rushed and answered all questions. She told them what they needed to do as this was their first time dealing with making plans such as this. They received a warm feeling of care from all the staff, yet professionalism. It was so fortunate that they called McFarland Family Funeral Home as they went above and beyond meeting our family needs. It was known that they were from out of state but they weren't taken advantage of for that reason but were treated totally the opposite. Simon, Gus and Maria, your care extended to those who have lost loved ones is phenomenal! We can't adequately put into words how much we appreciate all you did to help us through such a tough time as our situation was also unique as you may recall, yet you still took great care and did what was necessary. We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please continue the great work you do.

Submitted by: Jaqueline Jenkins

What can I say? I couldn't be more pleased. I called and spoke with Maria about pricing for my sister, she had become a ward of the state at a very young age due to mental illness. She was amazing. She set me up answered my many questions and then transferred me to a guy named Gus. He was pleasant as well. They took care of everything and even mailed my sister's ashes to me for a discounted price. Their prices were very affordable and their hearts were enormous. They may not look like much but I couldn't be any happier.

Submitted by: Mark Crosbie

Maria and Gustavo are amazing! They truly were helpful and friendly, and Maria gives the best hugs! the chairs are a little small but everything else was hassle free and we didn't have to worry about anything other then picking up my mom when she ready to go home. They even ordered death certificates for us! I can't say enough how much I appreciated them, thank you two for being so patient and kind.

Submitted by: Jannice Enes

The staff really seems to understand my grief, losing my husband has been horrible but the staff really has gone beyond any expectations and I recommend them to anyone who too has lost a loved one.

Submitted by: Linda Lasset

What can I say? You guys just did awesome. When I was in such a bad place, you guys really picked me up and helped me through this horrible experience. Thank you so much. God bless all of you!

Submitted by: Alan Lockheed

Thank you so much for all your help and organization during the service. we were so amazed on your professional services. We will never be able to pay you. But we are extremely grateful. Thanks from the Cisnero's Family.

Submitted by: Amelia Flores and Felicitas Cisneros

I just want to thank everyone for your support and words of encourage during our loss.we knew dad knew a lot of people but to see so many there was so beautiful. It really meant a lot to all of us. Thank you, thank you . May God bless each and every single one of you. Gus Orozco thank you for all your help and for making our father's funeral so beautiful.

Submitted by: Felicitas Jaime

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